Transportation is a crucial part to plan for when it comes to any trip, especially when you’re traveling to somewhere as busy as Orlando, Florida. Good transportation ensures that you can get to the places you need to go to in a stress-free and timely manner. Traveling plays a big role in how successful a trip will be. This is especially true if your trip is one of a business nature that will require your presence at various meetings and events. At Garden Tours and Transportation, you will be able to travel around Orlando with comfort, ease, and style. Our drivers know their way around town and will be able to take you to various  locations as well as any business meetings you may have. It’s as simple as going onto our website and filling out a form about your basic travel needs. There’s no need to rely on taxis or Uber when you know that you can have a car waiting for you every step of the way.


  • Safety Our staff at Garden’s Tours and Transportation value safety as a top priority. We want all of our clients to never doubt for a second that they are safe in one of our cars. We ensure safety by only working with drivers who are professionally licensed and have gone through strict background checks. Our drivers are also skilled and able to maneuver a car through any directions given, traffic patterns, and different types of weather. Another safety feature we offer is cars that are wheelchair accessible. All of our vehicles come equipped with wheelchair lifts to make you and your family’s life a little bit easier. Getting a wheelchair into a car can be challenging; however, with our wheelchair lifts, that problem ceases to exist. Along with safe driving and features, our drivers are polite and have strong communication skills. You will never feel like you are being treated poorly by our drivers.
  • Vehicle Condition and Choice Our vehicles are bought and kept in pristine condition. We make sure our cars are cleaned and maintained regularly so you do not have to stress about the condition of the car you will be traveling in for your trip. We understand messes and damages can be stressful and don’t want our clients stresed over their method of transportation. Another perk of going with us is the variety of vehicles we offer. There will be many different vehicle options available to you depending on where you are going and for how long. This gives you the ability to pick a car out based on your personal preferences, whether it be functionality or style, you’re bound to find a car that’s a great fit for you.


We understand that traveling can get a little pricey. For that reason, we offer competitive pricing for all of our clients. We want to make certain that your trip meets your expectations in every way possible, including your monetary and budget expectations. There is nothing worse than having to spend an unpredictable amount of money on taxis and Uber. This makes it difficult to form a transportation budget and estimate for the trip. When it comes to Uber and taxi cabs, the price of your ride is never fixed and is always subject to change depending on traffic, mileage, driver wait time, among many other variables. To combat this, we make sure that the amount of your car and driver will be discussed upfront. This will allow all parties involved to discuss the price they feel is appropriate to pay given the duration of their trip. Once we have discussed the price with you and have agreed on a number for the weekend, we can then reserve the car of your choice. This works out well for you as the price agreed upon will never change. We will not ask you to pay more.

Transportation Service Agency Orlando


For the most comfortable Orlando airport transfer, Garden’s Tours and Transportation is the place to call. We cover all of the bases required for you to have a wonderful trip. By going with us you will have nothing to worry about on your trip except for any new places you may want to visit. Give us a call today at (407) 240-4500 to discuss how much a car would cost for your next big trip.

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