If you’re in the process of planning a trip to Orlando, Florida then you are going to need reliable, clean, and comfortable transportation services. While this may be a no brainer for some, many wait until they are in Orlando to figure out the transportation aspect of plans. Booking a car service with Garden’s Tours and Transportation is the best way to make sure you have a reliable, clean, and comfortable service for the entire duration of your trip.


Whether you’re traveling for a business trip, wedding extravaganza, or a Disney World vacation, you need to have peace of mind knowing transportation issues won’t stop you from doing what you came to do.

For bigger groups and for those who want the extra room, we recommend the sprinter van service. This car service comes with accommodations and plenty of legroom for you and any guests you may have.

Orlando Executive Car Service


  • When you use our sprinter van service you have all of the time in the world to relax. We cover everything from picking you up, directions to your destination, and of course, dropping you off safely.
  • Many travelers face the frustrating situation of having to explain to drivers how to get to their destination causing them to be late to their plans or just too stressed out. This is not how a vacation should go.
  • We make sure all of our drivers are knowledgeable on the landscape of Orlando so that our customers can feel confident that they will get to all of their planned and unplanned destinations on time.
  • There is no worse feeling than being late to a dinner reservation, business meeting, or entertainment show. With our sprinter van service, you can erase all worries about timeliness.
  • We also make sure that our drivers go through a series of background checks. Safety is our top priority. By implementing background checks our customers and drivers will both feel equally as safe as they travel around together. With safety concerns out of the way, all you have to do is relax and enjoy your trip in your sprinter van.


Our drivers are not only the best in town but so are our sprinter vans. Our sprinters  are cleaned and maintained regularly so our customers can have the best possible experience. We also have room in the van for up to 14 people, making it the easiest method of transportation for those who are traveling with a large group of people. The sprinter van also has AC and water for those who are going to be spending some time outside in the hot Florida weather. We also offer a complimentary mobile phone for those who need to get work done. With all of these accommodations included, your trip is bound to be a great one.

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