The Best Wheelchair Transport Service for Your Travels

No physical affliction should prevent you from enjoying life and actively participating in the things you love to do. Traveling should be an amusing and stress-free experience. Whether you are headed to Disney or to the cruise port to take that trip you’ve been wanting to take since last year, you should be able to do it without the worry or concern that you won’t have accessible and comfortable transportation. At Garden Tours and Transportation, we want to ensure that your traveling experience will only be filled with laughs, tons of fun, and picture worthy memories, instead of the frustration it causes to not be able to take part in the diversion because of a physical condition. We want you to enjoy the ride and make memories for a lifetime!

We Are Passionate About Making Your Travels Comfortable and Enjoyable

Our goal is that you have the best time you can possibly have during your traveling experience. We are well aware that sometimes individuals in wheelchairs are on the receiving end of discriminatory and careless treatment. Garden Tours and Transportation, however, wants to represent the difference. Ultimately, we want to offer you something that has no price and that is our commitment to equal and personalized treatment from our team. Whenever you ride with us, you can expect to feel comfortable and secure.

We strive to cover all bases as a part of our wheelchair transport service:

  • Accessibility: our vehicles count with easy to access entrance and exit, as well as a built-in power ramp and large wide doors; allowing individuals to get in and out effortlessly.
  • Comfort: is a major component of your traveling experience, which is why we have enough space with a range of seats. But don’t fret, you won’t have to use those unless you want to, because you’ll have more than enough room to remain seated in your wheelchair, should you prefer.
  • Safety: it will be nearly impossible to take pleasure in your surroundings as you get to your destination if you don’t feel safe. We know that. Which is why you can feel secure knowing that Garden Tours and Transportation, and our vehicles follow the necessary guidelines to ensure you’re safe to travel with us. We comply with ADA/CSA-D409-02, and have a completely adjustable 7point wheel chair restraint system, as well as non-slippery floors.

We Are Passionate About Making Your Travels Comfortable and Enjoyable

Our staff is committed to delivering the best service to our passengers. When we fulfill our promise to get you to your destination with the maximum level of relaxation and ease, we are rewarded with a genuine sense of achievement and pride. Garden Tours and Transportation takes the utmost delight in providing each and every one of our travelers with the undivided care, respect and attention they are entitled to.

Contact Us for Your Wheelchair Transport Service Needs, You’ll Love the Ride

If you need to get to the cruise ship port to take that trip you’ve been wishing to take for months, or if you need to get to the land of adventure, wherever that is, Garden Tours and Transportation will get you there. We’ll pick you up from the airport and get you to your destination with the calm, and personalized attention you need. And when the time comes for you to head back to the airport, we’ll drive you back too. Whether your trip is for this upcoming weekend or for next month, you can call us now at (407) 240-4500 and get more information on our services to plan in advance. Or if you’re more of the spontaneous kind, that’s okay. We like that! Need wheelchair transport service? We’ll be there!

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