Everything You Need to Know About Group Transportation in Orlando

If you’re looking for group transportation in Orlando, it’s more likely than not that it’s for Disney World or some other popular theme park like Disney World. Whether you are traveling  for theme parks, for a sporting event, or other occasions, you’re going to need some solid transportation. This is where Garden’s Tours and Transportation, Inc. comes in. The best way to keep the group together in a busy and unfamiliar city is through group transportation. Having different people taking different means of transportation can get confusing and make it hard to find one another. Places like Disney World and sports centers have tons of different drop off locations for Uber and taxi services making it hard to meet up with the rest of your group. Once everyone is in the theme park or event, they are going to have to navigate to find the rest of the group. This would result in a lot of time wasted. By taking a car with a driver you are quickly eliminating this problem and freeing up time and energy. This is only one of the many benefits of utilizing a group car service. Among conveniences are child and driving ability benefits.


This can also be a huge benefit to those who are traveling as a school organization, an entertainment group, or as a large family. Sticking together will allow children to have the most fun as they usually want to spend time with their friends. Having a streamlined service will avoid the drama from excluding some kids travel arrangements from the others.

The truth is, the larger the group the more need for a car service. This can be especially true if the group has a lot of children in it. Having a car service can also benefit adults and assist them in keeping track of all the children. Taking various methods of travel can make it easier for one or two kids to fall through the cracks when it’s time to take a headcount of everyone.


  • We also offer some of the finest cars and have some of the best drivers in the Orlando area. We make sure that our cars are put through repairs and maintenance regularly to best ensure that they are incredibly safe for you to ride in. We also make sure that all of our drivers meet your standards for customer service and driving ability. We do not believe in putting people at risk and take all of the necessary precautions to prevent any accidents, no matter how small, from happening.
  • One of the best parts about our skilled drivers is how knowledgeable they are about Orlando, Florida. If you need any kind of hotel, restaurant, or activity recommendation our drivers can help you. They know the layout of Orlando and can give you some insight into some of the awesome places we have. This knowledge of the city is also very beneficial for those who are unfamiliar with their surrounding area. If this is your first-time visiting Orlando, then it would be quite helpful to have a seasoned resident guide you around the city. This is a service that Uber and taxi may not be able to give you all the time.


At Garden’s Tours and Transportation, Inc. we have all of your travel and vacation needs. For large groups, there is no use in dealing with the stress that comes along with it. The best way to schedule your trip is with your car service already ready to go. This will make your trip smooth and keep things organized, a key part of a good trip, especially when there are kids around. Let’s work together to ensure that transporting your large group doesn’t become too overwhelming. Reach out to us to secure your group’s vacation ride. The sooner you book your car service, the sooner you can stress less about your trip and focus more on having fun. Don’t wait any longer, give us a call today at (407) 240-4500 to find which car is the best fit for your group car service.

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