Chances are you’re traveling with a small to medium sized group and you need comfortable options.  If you are traveling to Orlando, Florida it’s probably for a few different reasons, Disney World, Port Canaveral, or for a work or family event. With such beautiful weather in Orlando year round there’s no surprise that tons of people are going to travel down here to soak it all up. The more people who come down here for vacation and planned events, the crazier transportation can get. If everyone is calling an Uber, Lyft, or taxi you’re bound to have longer wait times and a potential surcharge. This can make traveling around an unfamiliar city stressful and frustrating. However, this doesn’t need to be the case when you use Garden’s Tours and Transportation, Inc. car service, and more specifically, the sprinter van. The sprinter van can take you all over Orlando with the best accommodations. Not only will you save money on thousands of Ubers, but you will also stay on time for all of the fun activities and events you have planned. Vacation is the last place you want to worry about having transportation issues. With the sprinter van, you can rest assured that you would have transportation to all of the places on your itinerary.


What many people tend to not know is that our van service will go to Port Canaveral. We know that Disney World is a popular hotspot for visitors and residents alike; however, we have seen a huge increase in those who need transportation options to the port. This is where our sprinter van services can shine. Our sprinter van has the comfortable seating and accommodations that are necessary for a drive over to the cruise terminals. Before a cruise there are always those pre-cruise nerves about going through security, getting everyone’s passports together, and making sure the reservations are all set. Although most of the time these things work out perfectly as planned, the idea of one thing throwing everything off can be stressful. Our sprinter van service is the perfect place to get all of those pre-cruise nerves and checks out of the way. Due to all of the room in the sprinter van, you will have the ability to walk around and ensure everyone has his or her passports and necessary paperwork and belongings for the cruise. We like to think of our van as the perfect time for large groups to get organized while having fun.


  • One of the biggest perks with utilizing a car service for your travels is the safety that comes with it. This is even more true for those who are traveling to the cruise terminals with their entire luggage.
  • The last thing anyone wants to worry about before vacation is whether or not their luggage is going to be joining them. This is enough to make anyone anxious and stressed about their transportation method. With our sprinter van service, you can travel without stress.
  • We make sure all of our drivers go through extensive background checks and are skilled drivers. When it comes to your safety, there aren’t any precautions we do not take. Part of what we pride ourselves on is safety and reliability and that is exactly what every traveler needs before a big and exciting trip.
  • We make sure that when getting from destination to the next is done safely and securely. Our drivers are knowledgeable of the Orlando area and have experience driving around the city, making the trip that much smoother.


Here at Garden’s Tours and Transportation, Inc. we want you and your family and friends to have a fantastic vacation. We know that while vacations are for relaxing, they can also be quite stressful to plan and implement. However, this should not always have to be the case. To reduce that stress, we offer car services to Port Canaveral cruise terminals, the perfect way to start your vacation off comfortably and in style. With our sprinter van service, you will have the accommodations and space to cure the pre-cruise jitters while still having fun with your loved ones. Contact us today at (407) 240-4500 to learn how we can make your trip stress free.

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