It’s always the perfect time to plan a trip to Disney World. Kids and even adults that have visited the most magical place on Earth treasure the memories they have made there. Disney symbolizes childhood innocence and unforgettable times with friends and family. The best thing to do to make the moment even better and less stressful is to hire a professional to drive you around. Imagine having someone picking you up from the airport and dropping you off at Disney at the perfect time so you can have enough time to enjoy the rides without any stress or rush. Thinking about coming to Disney World soon? reach out to Garden Tours and Transportation for friendly and attentive chauffeurs.   


Don’t Worry About Traffic or Dealing with the GPS 

If you’re visiting sunny Florida and you’re going to Disney World, the ideal thing is to have a personal chauffeur pick you up from the airport, without having to deal with the turmoil in the Arrival area, trying to figure out where your Lyft or Uber driver may be. One of our chauffeurs will personally contact you and make sure we have the correct pick-up location so your time is not wasted and you can get to enjoy the town and Disney World at the best times.   


Driving in an unfamiliar area can be quite uncomfortable. You may need to depend on the GPS in hopes that you will get to your desired location and that you will get there in time. With a professional chauffeur, there’s no need to stress about getting there and getting there at a good time to get through the lines quickly. Having professional transportation to Disney is the best thing you can do in these cases.  


Transportation to Disney in Comfort with Garden Tours Transportation  

No one wants to travel uncomfortable. Sometimes, when driving it can be stressful enough to deal with traffic, having to travel in an uncomfortable car makes things even worse. With Garden Tours and Transportation, however, there’s no need to worry about that. We have the most comfortable and spacious fleet in the business. If you happen to be traveling with the whole family and are concerned about there not being enough space, don’t worry at all, because our vehicles can fit all of your family and leave enough room for you to travel in comfort. If one of your kids, friends or close relatives has a physical disability that requires them to use a wheelchair, that’s certainly something we can accommodate and work with. You won’t have to re-arrange anything or stress out. Let us take care of it. Transportation to Disney World shouldn’t be anything other than amazing and relaxing. Call Garden Tours & Transportation today at (407) 240-4500 to book the best fleet, so that you can travel in comfort and get to your destination at the best times and with no stress!