Hiring a professional driver for executive car service in Orlando is often considered a luxury that is only reserved for the upper echelons of major corporations. However, you can also look at it from a business perspective and recognize that as far as risk management goes, using well-trained, experienced, and professional drivers to help executives with ground transportation in Orlando actually provides a very good return on investment.

There is a marked difference between your average driver from another phone app company and an actual chauffeur from Garden Tours and Transportation.  The most valued difference that you will notice is the professionalism. When it comes to executive travel you want to make sure that your executives are not only in the lap of luxury with well-appointed cars, but that they also know they are being well cared for when it comes to saving time and safety. Your highest priority when choosing the best car service and transportation partner for executive travel is having peace of mind.

At Garden Tours and Transportation of Orlando, we have built our reputation as the leader in executive travel due to quality service because we go the extra mile, ensuring that we stand out from among our competitors. We provide a wide range of upscale transport options, from an unbeatable selection of deluxe vehicles. As you travel to your destination in Orlando in extreme comfort, you can enjoy features like spacious seating arrangements, reading lights, luxurious leather interiors, and air conditioning to beat the Orlando heat. Clients of garden Tours and transportation are guaranteed meticulous maintenance and well-groomed chauffeurs ensuring that every ride with us will be unforgettable

Keeping You Safe Right Now: COVID Cleanliness Car Service

When it comes to risk management and business travel you want to make sure that you are hiring a car service company that is thoughtfully managing the COVID-19 pandemic. By hiring a professional chauffeured driver for your executive travel you are insuring several key factors:

  1. Your car is private, not being used by hundreds of people a day, your chauffeured transportation is alone or with those you know
  2. You can make use of our one way or round trip service
  3. We conduct a thorough cleaning of all of our vehicle interior surfaces with disinfectant wipes after each ride
  4. There are no printed or reading materials in seat-back pockets
  5. Executive water is kept in a cooler with the chauffeur and given to guests with covered hands
  6. Drivers limit all physical contact or sharing of materials where possible

The Best Orlando Executive Car Service

Garden Tours and Transportation offers the best Orlando car service because we provide our clients with the most complete and comprehensive car services. No matter if you are on your way to an important meeting or traveling to and from the airport as an executive traveling by car you will want to add value to your time.  Time is money and whether are you spend an extra hour at the office or use that hour in a luxury vehicle from Garden Tours you will have more time to be effective, boosting your productivity from point a to point B. Your work will no longer have to take a backseat when you travel to Orlando for business.