If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Orlando, Florida anytime soon you are going to need the proper transportation for you and your party. Since there is so much to do in the city, there is no room for wasting time. The best way to see everything promptly is by going with Garden’s Tours and Transportation for your car service needs. This is especially true if you are going to be traveling in a larger sized group. We have tons of car options that can satisfy any group and their travel needs. Although, if you are a larger sized party there are a few extra special options that are available to you. One of these options is the Mercedes Sprinter. This luxury vehicle will be sure to make any trip a memorable one. Vacation is the time to splurge a little and treat yourself for all of the hard work you put in to make the trip happen. You deserve to have some fun with your friends and family in the Mercedes Sprinter for a few days.


Being in a new country, state, or city can cause some cellphones to act up when they are not connected to the proper Wi-Fi. This will cease to be an issue inside of the Mercedes Sprinter. Not only does this complimentary phone usage help the kids stay distracted on the longer drives, but it will also allow for parents and adults to check up on emails and get some work done. This service is also useful for those who want to look up places to eat and drink in the area and find various activities and things to do. It’s also never a bad idea to have a fully charged and functioning phone in case of emergencies.

Orlando Executive Car Service


  • Air Conditioning and Water Refreshments If you’re going to Orlando, and more specifically going in a large group, you’re probably going to a theme park or attraction at some point or another. What some people from out of state, or even those from North Florida, don’t know is that Florida is hot and humid about 95% of the year. We have a few cold fronts here and there but even still those cold fronts do not usually go below 65 and 70 degrees. Having a car service with AC and water refreshments could quite literally make the world a difference on these hot and humid days.
  • Group Accommodations The Mercedes Sprinter car service is by far the best option for those who are looking to travel around the city of Orlando in a big group. Big groups can’t fit in your typical SUV or Sudan, which is where the Sprinter comes in. Instead of ordering multiple Uber XL’s or even more Uber X’s, book the Sprinter car service. The Mercedes Sprinter can fit up to 14 people in the car comfortably. This would add up to either 4 Uber X’s or 2 Uber XL’s for every location you and your group wants to go. All of these Ubers will not only get expensive but will get confusing. When you and your party are all in one car you know that you will all end up at the same place at the same time, making planning the trip and which destinations you visit a whole lot easier.


What are you waiting for? Book the Mercedes Sprinter for your next Orlando trip. Why not invest in you and your family and friends’ comfort. If you’re going on vacation, you might as well make sure everything will go according to plan. With one car service for everyone there leaves very little room for any silly travel mistakes and mishaps. Give Garden’s Tours and Transportation a call today at (407) 240-4500 to book your next trip’s car service.

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